Pampering Facials

  • European Facial __________$79.00
    *Series of 3 - $225 / Series of 6 - $395
    This facial service is a deep cleansing treatment personalized to your exact skin type. Includes steam, exfoliation, mask and relaxing shoulder and neck massage.

  • Glycolic Facial (light peel) _______________$89.00
    *Series of 3 - $255 / Series of 6 - $445
    Using the European facial as a base, this facial continues on to help diminish the signs of aging. We use a pharmaceutical grade alpha hydroxy acid peel designed to smooth and refine the skin. Great for all skin types.

  • Triple Action Facial ______$99.00
    *Series of 3 - $285 / Series of 6 - $495
    Continuing with the benefits of the Glycolic Facial, this facial adds on an intensive 3-phase deep exfoliation of the skin. Perfect for extremely clogged pores and dull skin. A terrific treatment designed to make your skin look radiant.

  • Acne Facial __________________$89.00
    *Series of 3 - $255 / Series of 6 - $445
    A purifying treatment for the effective control of acne. Helps eliminate dead skin cells, excessive oils, impurities and pollutants.

  • Aromatherapy Facial __________$89.00
    *Series of 3 - $255 / Series of 6 - $445
    This facial is perfect for sensitive skins, brides and mothers to be.
    We use the highest quality essential oils to relax, stimulate & rejuvenate your skin.

  • Gentleman's Fitness Facial __________$79.00
    *Series of 3 - $225 / Series of 6 - $395
    Customized for a man's face paying close attention to shaving areas and shaving's effect on skin. This service includes steam, exfoliation, extraction, mask and relaxing shoulder and neck massage.

Treatments & Peels

  • Microdermabrasion Peel without Facial______$99.00
    *Series of 6 - $495
    This professional deep peel combines the power of an exfoliating machine with the expert hands of a licensed esthetician resulting in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, smooths rough textures and diminishes pigmentation.

  • Microdermabrasion added to Facial _______$59.00

  • Designer Peel added to Facial _________$59.00
    Combination of acids that work synergistically to exfoliate the skin while decongesting pores and reducing irritation.

    - A 20% salicylic/10% mandelic acid mixture is perfect for problematic, sensitive, aging, photodamaged and hyperpigmented skin.
    - A 20% glycolic/10% lactic acid mixture works well on photodamaged, rough textures, dry, aging skin.

  • Series of Facial Treatments with Microdermabrasion Peel___Series Pricing
    *Series of 6 - $685
    This special package combines your choice of any of our full service pampering facials along with a Microdermabrasion Treatment to deliver a professional and powerful deep peel.

  • Hydrating Facial Treatment__ $129.00
    *Series of 3 - $375/Series of 6 - $645
    Recommended for deep dehydration, sun worshipers, Retin-A & glycolic acid users, dryness due to medication. This facial will increase the skin's level of moisture and provide a long term hydrating effect, superficially and in-depth.

  • Renew & Refresh Treatment ____$69.00
    This mini facial delivers maximum skin care in minimum time. It includes a biological cleansing, followed by an anti-stress mask. Excellent choice for a quick cleansing in between regular facial services or prior to a special occasion.

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